I guess I’m a blogger now

I’m laying beside my sleeping two year old daughter, black lab and husband binging on the TV series The Leftovers. I feel that good soreness in my legs, the kind that makes me feel strong and satisfied. Maybe that’s not normal, but it’s real for me. I already have 15 miles under my belt on the second day of the year. It’s been a mild winter in central Wisconsin, but still cold the past two days by my standards. My daughter’s sweet snore gives me peace as I think about what’s changed in my life since she entered it. I have become this person who is completely immersed in mommyhood. I left my social work job to stay home with my daughter. I started monitoring my food intake with the help of myfitnesspal ap, which opened my eyes to how much I had been overeating all my life. And I am now a runner, a real one. I run almost daily and I truly feel like a better person because of it. It gives me the chance to let go of everything and just move forward without worries. When I’m done dripping in sweat, I feel beautiful, powerful and ready to take on anything. Well, after a nice hot shower and protein shake. Thank you for reading.


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