Paps, workouts, and too many cookies

Today was just a good day and that’s surprising because earlier I had physical (including pap), which are never fun. I chatted with my doctor about some big life events that occurred since I had last seen her.  We discussed my lasik eye surgery I had late last year. She too has had it done and we both praised our decision. It’s honestly one of the best things to ever happen to me. Waking up with sight, laying on the couch sideways to watch tv, rubbing your eyes throughout the day, these are all things most take for granted! It’s also definitely impacted my fitness performance in a positive way. I can go on long runs in the rain/snow without a speckled view. I can run without fogged glasses or contact dryness. I can swim without worry. It’s magnificent!  

We also discussed running and past races I completed as well as those upcoming. I proudly shared my unexpected 1st place in AG 25-29 in a local 10 mile frostbite run last month. She discussed her past triathlon experiences, which made me realize I wish I had a decent bike. They seem like so much fun.  We discussed my upcoming Disney half next month!  I cannot wait! The day is quickly approaching.

All in all, I left my appointment feeling happy. I am happy that two years ago my friends introduced me to myfitnesspal. I’m happy that results became addictive, so I added exercise to the mix. I’m happy that when the nurse asked about my exercise routine, I didn’t have to shamefully lie. I am healthy and I have the capacity to become even better, stronger!

I decided to switch up my treadmill game tonight. (I much prefer outdoor runs as most do, but typically can’t make it work during the week now that it’s winter. I will take my daughter out if it’s warm enough, but obviously would never jeopardize her comfort.) So long outdoor runs are saved for the weekends. Tonight I tried a fat-burning interval workout. It was 45 minutes long. Below is the outline. It was really enjoyable. I paid close attention to time, so I knew when to adjust speed. You’d think that would have made it drag on, but it didn’t! Those minutes flew by as I watched Amazon Prime on my tablet. It felt so good to vary it up.

 I love my garmin vivoactive watch. I got it last April and have never been happier with a purchase.  I am a total stats girl. I love dissecting my workout and looking for ways to improve.  Here are a couple charts from tonight’s intervals.  Neat, huh?   

Also, injinji socks.  That’s all I need to say.  They changed my life.  No more blisters! No more chafing.  TOTAL (pun intended) running bliss for my feetsies.  My husband researched and found these beauties and I have turned back since. I own like 20 pair.  Plus they’re SO CUTE!  

 I was also able to sneak in a strength training session during nap time today. It was awesome. I tried out some new kettle bell moves and also stuck to some old trustees.  

All in all, today was a good day. I ended myfitnesspal in the green, which has not been the case for much of December. I did gain about 2.5# in the last month, which actually isn’t so bad. You should have seen all the Christmas cookies I ate. Cumulatively, it’s SHAMEFUL (ly delicious) haha.  

Anyways, I’ll end with a work in progress an pic I took this afternoon. Just try to guess how many cookies that stomach devoured over the last few weeks. Today was good, but I hope to be even better tomorrow. Thank you for reading!



4 thoughts on “Paps, workouts, and too many cookies”

  1. great to read about your exploits, but especially keen to hear you are a convert to Injinji socks… I’ve been wondering about investing in these for a while, life changing eh? I can believe it! Happy running. Lx

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