Grocery shopping, diaper leaking kind of day

The day started out pretty typical for me. Wake up, feed the baby, shower, play, get ready for the day and head to the grocery store. We made a quick stop at Nice as New as I was curious if I had sold anything. Turns out I did, so my purchases today were free. Awesome!

We then went to the grocery store. We got our essentials and a few extras. I tried to keep junk food out of my cart and actually succeeded pretty well. I was happy to see our grocery store carried Kodiak cakes! I can’t wait to give them a shot. Hopefully tomorrow! Any favorite recipes? Share below!

We headed home where I discovered my daughter’s diaper had leaked through her diaper, pants and soaked her car seat. Awesome! At least it was just a pee. Mom life haha. I rushed her inside and got her cleaned up and lunch set up in her high chair as I stripped her car seat cover for the wash and put the rest of the groceries away. Not that I’m looking for kudos or anything, but I feel like people stigmatize SAHMs. I know I had a preconceived notion that perhaps they were a bit lazy or that they had it easy. The rewards are endless and so are the responsibilities. I wouldn’t change it for anything though!

I then grabbed a little something to eat and got baby down for a nap. i prepped dinner, lasagna as requested by the hubby. Finally a few minutes to breathe.

I decided to sneak in my strength training workout. I used our weight machine for a few sets/reps. I then focused on kettle bell moves. I tried some new ones I found on Pinterest. What are your favorite, most effective kettle bell moves? I really want more definition in my arms/abs.

 My daughter woke up about an hour later, but I was able to nurse her back to sleep. I’m very passionate about breastfeeding and am very grateful our journey has lasted this long. My daughter turned two last October. My milk was magic as she slept for another hour and 40 min.

The hubby got home and we all ate when baby decided to wake up. Everyone loved the lasagna, which wasn’t low in calories (about 420/slice – who can have just one?), but nonetheless delicious. I am a firm believer in balance. The reason I’ve been successful in my weight loss journey and maintenance is because I don’t eliminate things completely from my diet. I won’t eat frozen pizza everyday, but I will definitely enjoy Portesi cheese fries sporadically. No carbs. No sugar. No this. No that. That just DOESN’T work for me.  

After dinner, the hubby and baby played while I did a quick 50 minute run. I decided I wanted to do some fast intervals. I warmed up for a bit then switched from three minutes at 7 and two minutes at 8 for the remainder of my workout. Running at 8 made 7 feel slow. It felt good to run fast after yesterday’s slower pace. Well, that’s all for today. Thanks for reading.

Tonight’s workout
I’ve really improved my cadence

MRM rich vanilla whey, ice, spinach, half banana, pb2 & almond milk
Kind peanut butter whole grain clusters & Greek vanilla yogurt


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