A quick thought on the bigger picture

Today I cleaned out my closet. Holy man, I gathered about 8 bags to take to Nice as New next week. It felt so good to do that. As comforting as it can seem to hold onto things, letting go can be even more satisfying. I can finally reach all my workout clothes. They’re sorted by tanks, shorts, capris and pants. I swear it’s the little things. 

This morning the baby and I had oatmeal and cereal. I love breakfast time. Sharing bites in between book pages and cuddling. Earlier I was reading other blog posts, which got me thinking about things. I’ve been a SAHM since October 2013. How is it possible that my daughter is over two already? I am a mess just thinking about it. This intelligent, determined and funny little girl grew inside me, relying only on me. I did this (with hubby help lol) and that’s remarkable. Instead of sobbing hysterically while squeezing my cosleeping little love muffin (and inevitably waking her up, which I CANNOT do because she is actually asleep before 10), I am going to choose to be proud and all the more determined to seek improvement.

I want to be the best version of myself. I want to continue to set high goals and work at them. I want to build muscle and endurance. I want to run, to laugh, to joke, to love and to just be happy. My daughter (and hubby) deserve this version of me. Because of them, I am the luckiest momma alive. Good night and thank you for reading! 



3 thoughts on “A quick thought on the bigger picture”

  1. When I got back from my family after the holidays I went thru my stuff as well and already got rid of some stuff. I have way too many things and letting go of some feels better than holding on to.
    I feel the same about breakfast, I like getting up earlier just do that I’ll have enough time for a proper breakfast. This am I went out of the house after my morning workout without eating anything and just sat down for the first time at noon. I really don’t like that

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  2. Hi, thanks for following my blog! I definitely need to clean out my closet, too. I’m still ironing out my 2016 goals, but I agree with the sentiment “be the best version of myself.”

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