Kodiak cakes, yoga fails and one shitty run

This will be quick because I really should use this as a chance to sleep, but still feel compelled to write something. My husband and I were up late last night not for reasons you may initially guess haha… To summarize our night in a few short words, “jump in ball pit” as the clock read about midnight. Our two year old just wasn’t feeling night night time and much preferred romping in her Minnie Mouse ball pit. Nonetheless she’s adorable and we can sleep when we’re dead. 

Eeva wasn’t amused by late night shenanigans
I tried Kodiak cakes for the first time this morning. I just followed a Pinterest recipe involving the mix, blueberries, water, egg whites and truvia. They were delish. I cannot wait to try others and maybe incorporate pb2. Who am I kidding? Definitely incorporate it. I could eat endless amounts of pb. 

not bad for first batch
I tried my hardest to do a headstand during nap time. I want it so bad and know I should try simpler poses, but I just want it now haha. I hope in time I can look back on this and say, “Yeah, I yoga.. I do headstands in my sleep.” 

lots of falling:(
I did some strength training and then ran 7 miles on the dreadmill tonight. I never call it that, but tonight was rough. I cannot wait for the weekend! Conditions BETTER allow for at LEAST one outdoor run. For real. I am thinking about investing in some yak tracks or something similar for running in snow/slippery conditions. Any recommendations on models you love?   
not proud of this one
The hubby emailed me from work this morning and offered me a second half marathon to add to my calendar this year. He knows the way to my heart! He had to grab something out of my email inbox and saw I had a reminder to register for the Madison mini marathon. I ran it last year as my second ever half. It was so much fun. I am lucky to have such a supportive hubby, who encourages involvement in one of my favorite activities. Again, I’m talking about running right now haha. 

Nostalgia! Wore those shorts tonight
Well, off to bed I go. Thank you again for reading.


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