New efforts warrant new results, right?

I tried a new HIIT today. At first I thought I would be taking it easy, which made me feel guilty. After all, it was only 37 minutes with varied speeds of 5.5-8 with some incline. Not even half way through, I was DRENCHED in sweat. I only ran 4.1 mi, but dang, it was intense! Apparently HIIT is the real deal. Hoping to incorporate these type of workouts regularly to see new results.  
I am sooooo excited as some crucial pieces of my Disney princess half marathon costume arrived today.  It’s not complete yet, but pretty darn close.  I’m too excited to wait, so I’ll show you a sneak peek!  This will be my third half marathon.  The hubby gifted me entry into this event and it’s a dream come true.  Literally, off my bucket list!  Can you tell who I am?  My daughter’s biggest hero at the moment.  


close up
Not too much else to write about today. I skipped weights today because my muscles were pretty sore from earlier this week. I am looking forward to HOPEFULLY running outside tomorrow. It’ll depend because it has been raining tonight, which could make for very slippery roads tomorrow. Stupid Wisconsin winter decided to show up finally. I’m hoping I can make do though, if not Saturday then Sunday.   

weekly forecast

 We went to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant tonight, El Mezcal. It is heaven every time. I tried their shrimp chimichanga. So good. We then went to Target and Walmart and followed it up with dessert at Chilis. Everyone needs a night like this from time to time. I love Friday nights with my family. It’s a chance to get out of the house and just connect with my family. We generally grab dinner and shop for nothing. 


  Well, that’s all I really have for tonight. I’m pretty wiped. I’ll try to be more exciting tomorrow! Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “New efforts warrant new results, right?”

  1. Snow in your forecast, I’m jealous!! I just got some snowshoes in anticipation of an intense New England winter and some new cross-training but all I’ve got is mud. I may have to try this HIIT workout, I’ve never actually tried one before

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    1. Come take all our snow! 😉

      Give it a try and Lmk what you think. It was intense for me! Phew… A great workout.

      Snow shoeing would be great. It’s driving in it that I hate! I don’t trust others to be cautious.


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