Rest day, we meet again..

Saturday I finally hit the pavement with an 8 mile run and let me tell you, it was glorious. It was about 23 degrees, but felt like 50. I must have been really over my treadmill runs, haha. Don’t get me wrong, I am GRATEFUL for it. I couldn’t be where I am without it… And I wouldn’t feel as amped about next month’s Disney princess half. Training for a February race during Wi winter is tough. I did the 10 mile frostbite last month to test my endurance and actually placed 1st in my AG. Pretty sweet. But anyways, my run yesterday was a bit sunshiny and full of flurries and not shoveled sidewalks. I ran on the road whenever possible to avoid ice. 

under my two layers: sweat is my badge of honor
After my run, I showered and we all went to IHOP. Mmm, chocolate chip pancakes, French toast and coffee. The fam additionally had eggs, hash risks and my daughter’s favorite, sausage! This is a a favorite spot for us. Our local IHOP offers sweet servers, who happily greet us, remember our regular favorites and interact nicely with my daughter. I love sipping on coffee, chatting with hubby and coloring on the kid’s menu. Most times, it’s the simple things. Remembering no powdered sugar, sugar free syrup and extra napkins goes a long way. That and keeping my cup full. Take note of details.

After IHOP, we hit up a few stores in search of final touches for my running costume for next month. We then ended the night at the grocery store. We grabbed what we needed and spent the rest of the night in watching Mickey Mouse and Reese Witherspoon’s the Wild. I love evenings in on the couch, cuddled, snacking and enjoying time with my family. 

such a good sport, covered in mickey stickers
 Today I determined I needed a rest day from running. I’m always a little mopey on these days and I thank my husband for tolerating that. We grabbed lunch at a local Italian restaurant, Grazies. I had a Mediterranean shrimp pasta, chicken wild rice soup, zucchini/squash/carrot medley and coffee. It all hit the spot. If you can’t tell, we enjoy going out to eat on the weekends. Some people party, we eat. 

 After lunch, we went to target to spend some Christmas gift cards. Oh my goodness, they had the cutest toddler shoes on clearance. I love a good deal as much as my daughter loves shoes. She hit the jack pot, boots, shoes, tights and a baby doll!   

   Then hubby had the greatest idea! We went to see the good dinosaur. There were only two other couples in the theatre, thankfully. We’ve been wanting to see this movie, but thought it’d be courteous to either wait until it had been out a long time and less people would be inclined to see it or wait until dvd. My daughter is two and isn’t always the quietest little lady. She was perfect today though! She calls dinosaurs rawrs, which was almost as adorable as her yelling out, “I love you, Arlo.” She played musical momma and dadda, nursed, sipped water and actually soaked in much of the movie. We agreed we’d have to venture to the theatres every now and again. It was a nice change of pace. Hubby and I have never used a babysitter as we worry too much. This was the best of both worlds. 

All in all, the day was great. I’m working really hard to make fitness be a part of my life, not my whole life. I incorporated some weight training during nap time and did some more strength training while we watched a little TV before bed. Everyday I work on silencing the fear that I’ll lose my progress and back peddle. Every day is a new day with new struggles, but I face them. I’ve got this far after all. Thank you for reading! 

plain rice cake, pb2 & honey

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