So, I think it’ll become pretty obvious that I don’t follow a specific training plan for my upcoming half marathon. I just kind of leave it up to my mood that day. Yesterday I ran intervals to 5 miles. Today I followed an interval workout off Pinterest, which ended at 4.4 miles in 40 min. I then sprinted 2.1 miles just because I like clean daily totals haha. I’m the yahoo running up and down my road to get to the next .5 mile.    
I’m trying the whole yoga thing, too. During nap time I got through a few beginner poses/videos. It’s fun to challenge yourself with new things, in all aspects of life, even beyond fitness. I’ve always sort of fallen into if it’s not broken don’t fix it rhythm with working out, but I’m sure enjoying these changes. 


My hubby’s birthday is next week! I suggested he partake in a poker tourney with one of his buddies at the casino. He rarely does things like this and deserves it. He works so hard. Pre baby days, we’d hit up the casino together to play black jack. It was always so much fun. We only ever took a small amount and played until it was gone or we got bored. Those were special times I likely took for granted. I’m trying my hardest to count my blessings and make sure I show gratitude. Some resolutions beyond fitness. 

moment of relection
 I made some homemade chicken dumpling soup today. It was perfect blustery weather for it. And my daughter gobbles it up, carrots/celery and all. Win win!   

 I’m anxiously counting down the day until I get my next tattoo. Next Friday is finally the big day. I booked this appointment two months ago! It’s going to be magical and I can’t wait to share it with you all! Thanks for reading. 



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