Retail therapy is a thing 

After breakfast we packed up and hit the dusty trail.. To kohls haha. The plan was the grocery store, but never actually made it there. When your hubby gives you a free $20 coupon for kohls, you don’t ask questions. You just go. Now. I got a new sports bra, running tank, and two casual tops. I hate to admit I’m one of those girls… Retail therapy goes a long way. These purchases made me feel so good. Can’t wait to wear them all! 

new sports bra!
I decided to skip the grocery store entirely based on my daughter’s sass meter. We didn’t have much time before she’d fly off the charts haha. I did promise her a cookie because the bakery always hands them out for free, so I had to come through. Starbucks drive through here we come. Their snowman cookies are a hit with her and I have a gift card, win win. And you won’t believe it, the barista kindly gave us TWO for the price of one. Amazing! Made my day and my tummy lol.  

We downed a couple bowls of chicken dumpling and cuddled in bed for nap time. I want to be a better mom. Not the kind that rushes through tasks because she’s busy and has a million more to do. I want to embrace my daughter’s silliness even when it’s hours past nap time and she’ll sleep through supper. Tomorrow I’ll be better.   

my whole world

 I got a solid workout in today. I did some strength work and a 6 mile interval run. I’m hoping to do my long run Saturday outdoors if weather permits. Looks like a high of 18. I’ll take it because Sunday is single digits. I’m just hoping for minimal wind whew… My half is in a bit over a month. Disney world, I’m going to be so ready for you! That’s it for now. Thanks for reading! 

pinterest held up
so pretty


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