I want balance.. And tattoos 

I’m trying to be more adventurous in the kitchen. I made brussel sprouts with garlic, sliced almonds and honey. Might not seem like much, but they were heavenly.I decided to do another interval workout last night. I’m actually liking them vs the typical run fast always routine. I did 6.5 miles in an hour with speeds varied between 6-8.5. I burned a good chunk of calories and felt satisfied afterwards.   

 I’m still learning about balance in my weekly workout. I know I’m cardio heavy if I want to build muscles, but I’m training for my third half marathon next month. I can’t let that go by the wayside. I have belly fat to lose, but want muscle definitions. I have been incorporating regular strength training into my regimen. Any suggestions are certainly welcome! 


 I’m forcing a rest day as I woke up SO SORE. My back was killing me in the worst way. My daughter gave me many kisses when I whined this morning. I am already feeling better, but am still taking it easy as tomorrow is my long run (hopefully). It looks like it’s a high of 9… I’ll be layering. I just NEED fresh air. 

weekly forecast
 We’re going to IHOP tonight for pancakes (what, belly fat?)… Life is about balance. I have never been this fit in my life (still a ways to go) and I did not get here by turning down chocolate chip pancakes. I need balance… It works for me!

Also, tattoo in a WEEK! Ahhhhh! <333

Thanks for reading!


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