Such a random post

It’s been 20.3 miles since my last post (four days ago). I’ve been slacking and I apologize. I need to keep this whole writing thing a regular occurrence because I think it’s extremely helpful for me. I am typing away on my phone as my husband, daughter and pup snooze away beside me. My phone the only glow in the room, our ceiling and floor fans humming steadily. These minutes that I write are peaceful and offer me a sacred opportunity that isn’t available throughout the day. I get to reflect on life. Chasing around a naked two year old who’s running wildly in circles in and out of her Minnie Mouse tent don’t leave much time for reflection.  I lay here and take this time to realize that things aren’t bad. They’re actually great. I am lucky. I get to stay home with my beautiful daughter and watch her grow in more ways than one. I also get to see myself grow in ways I couldn’t have pictured three years ago even. I feel the best I ever have. I’m even going beyond my most recent obsessions. I’m less inclined to focus on the number the scale reads and more on the way I feel, which is strong and capable. I’m excited about the future. I am excited to keep this growing thing up… I acknowledge low days may lie ahead, but I have this beautiful blog, this new project to look back on during those times. I can read all these random thoughts and find comfort in these blurbs of my everyday life. 

 We switched dentists and I had my initial appointment today. I was there for TWO hours, which is a long time for my hubby to entertain a two year old in a cold, small, toy free waiting room. We were not expecting that long of an appointment. It’s horrible to say better him than me haha, but she did alright. I have to do some follow up dental care, which sucks but such is life. I am solemnly swearing before all of you beautiful followers that my daughter will ALWAYS have regular dental care. Not going as a child bites you in the behind and makes you pay brutal, expensive catch up… Dental care shouldn’t be SO EXPENSIVE. I know that has to be the reason I wasn’t in regular rotation. That’s a sad truth. 

 We grabbed chocolate chip pancakes for dinner, which were delicious as always.  There’s something comforting about sipping hot coffee and eating delicious carbs in the presence of my sweet family as we discuss our days and what lies ahead. 

 Tonight I did this interval workout I found on Pinterest for the second time this week.  It was amazing the first time, so I wanted to give it another go to see if it was a fluke. You truly burn 100 calories every ten minutes. Pretty awesome and that’s including slow paces and tolerable inclines. It’s so fun to challenge my body in new ways without feeling like I need to go hardcore from beginning to end. I’m getting into this whole “enjoy the journey thing”.  I’m trying new weight lifting moves and actually feeling stinger. Can’t wait to keep at it.

Tomorrow (technically today!) is my wonderful husband’s birthday. He turns 30 today. He was adopted (as was his brother from different moms) and I think, “Thank goodness his birth mom made that selfless choice.” Many women choose otherwise, but because of adoption, I have the love of my life, who gave me my perfect daughter. That’s it for now. Stay tuned because remember, Friday is TATTOO day. Thanks for reading! 



6 thoughts on “Such a random post”

  1. Enjoyed reading. Definitely, enjoying the journey is key. Learning to love making memorieswith your family and placing less importance on the things that really don’t matter

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