Well, that’s one way to wake up…

Well, last night I woke up to my toddler throwing up all over me and herself. It was scary, but I’m glad I was by her side. She had been restless throughout the night, which isn’t like her. Poor dear.. All day she just laid around and slept.    
Why is it that little ones get sick? I would do anything to take it on for her. Seeing her in any discomfort breaks my heart and pulls at my insides. She’s such a sweet, rambunctious little girl, who typically runs around wildly dancing, giving kisses and begging for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I’m hoping that tomorrow awakes that little girl, who funnily insists on wearing my bra, begging for cookies, books, puzzles and Minnie Mouse. 

 While she slept on dada, I snuck in a 7 mile treadmill run. I’m disappointed I didn’t make it outside this weekend, but it wasn’t possible. I didn’t want to layer up over my fresh tattoo, but I’ll definitely make it happen this coming weekend. It supposed to be high 30s! Hello warmth haha.  


  Yesterday I ran a 3.5 mile interval run in the treadmill. It’s pretty surreal that my Disney princess half is in about three weeks. I need to stay determined! I’ll continue putting in miles and incorporating strength training into my workouts. 

my interval workout
 My husband and I started watching a Netflix series, Making a Murder, which is a trending documentary surrounding a Wisconsin conviction. That is without giving anything away. It’s highly aggravating to me and we are only half way through the series. I recommend checking it out. This is based out of a city less than two hours from my home. 

 This is all I’ve got for now… I hope to take some time to make some more structured posts in the future, but this just isn’t one of them haha. Thanks for bearing with me and reading. Take care.  


8 thoughts on “Well, that’s one way to wake up…”

  1. When my children were young, I was always a wreck when they were sick. Hope she feels better soon. That’s awesome that you got a 7 mile run in with everything you have going on.

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