It’s Princess Half month! Finally!

Thank you all for bearing through my last whiny post. I had a lot of things swimming around my head and didn’t even properly sort them out, yet writing a sporadic post helped some. So as always, thank you.
It’s been a few days since I posted mostly because I’ve just been so tired at the end of the night. I really only get the chance to write when my daughter falls asleep and lately, I’ve just felt wiped afterward. (Here’s a few photos to recap my last few days.)

Saturday’s run

Epsom salt bath
Sunday’s run
Sunday funday curry mmmmm

It’s February 1st! I can finally say that my third ever half marathon is THIS month. I’m running 13.1 amazing miles in what’s said to be the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World! We’re going up the Wednesday before the princess half race and leaving the Wednesday after. We’re taking our baby to discovery cove (our third time, her first). Best of all, my daughter will get to meet the who Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang. This girl is WILD about them. I hope we’re always able to make these sort of memories. Referencing Inside Out, I want my daughter’s core memories to be strong and full of love, especially goofball island!


my goofball
I was happy to get in a decent strength workout during nap time until I dropped my kettle bell partially on my foot and woke baby up… Ugh just my luck haha. This year, I really want to build muscle. It’s crazy because I never would have said that in the past. I always thought one must just strive to be thin. I never followed a healthy diet and exercise regimen as a kid. I ate poorly, but balanced it out some with basketball. I have learned so much on this journey about creating a healthy lifestyle that you WANT to live. Waking up excited about the food you GET to eat, the workout you GET to do… I want this for my daughter. I want this to be second nature for my family, not a major overhaul in years to come.
When my husband got home, I snuck in a quick 10k outside before the blizzard hits tomorrow. They’re forecasting 7-12 inches, gross. I was born in the WRONG state. I ran intervals, starting with a fast sprint. I then took it easier for 3-4 minutes and sped back up to the next mile marker. I was excited to view my heart rate chart in garmin connect, but my HR chest strap failed again! Ugh… I will be calling garmin finally as this is nuts. My husband did order me a mio link wrist HR monitor that I’m THRILLED to try. Anyone have any luck with it?


pre workout noms
brooks & sparkle shwings
 I’m also anxiously awaiting my new nike compression shorts in the mail. I know I’ve ordered them late in the game, but need to get in a good run to ensure they’re race worthy. They’re polka dot. Hello Minnie Mouse!

To wrap up, I got an exciting email today. My application to become a fitfluential ambassador was approved. I am very excited about this opportunity and the possibilities it could mean for my future. Well, that’s it for now folks. Thank you for reading! 



7 thoughts on “It’s Princess Half month! Finally!”

      1. Advice: As you run though the park watch out for those, I wont call them runners, OhhAhh people in motion is a better description, people who without warning decide to suddenly run perpendicular to the direction you are running to get a snack for a spectator to a picture with Mini Mouse. NO Joke this happened on all four of the runs I did at Disney World. Oh and people will not warn you when they decide to walk, they pretty much stop and walk with out thinking someone is behind them.

        Did you get a good corral?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah…. Very good advice. I take running seriously, but am going to try to lighten up for this race as it’s Disney. That said, I don’t want to roll an ankle because of the ohhhh-ahhhhers lol. They haven’t announced corrals yet, but I’m hoping C ish.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I’ll tell you the hardest part is wrapping your head around its not a serious run, it the “Disney experience ” I never really got it and still feel so unfulfilled after running the Dopey run. It has its attributes though

        Liked by 1 person

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