Another quick catch up

Hello beautiful people. It’s been almost a week since my last post. Time sure gets away from a person. I’ve just been so immersed in half marathon training and being a mom, I guess. Both aspects of my life that influenced me to take this blogging journey, so I best get to writing. 

mom life hahaha
At this time, two weeks from today I will have completed my third half marathon in the magical place of Walt Disney World. I’m so excited. Corral placements were announced last week and I found out I’ll be in A. This makes me happy as I’m hoping to get a couple pics with characters along the way without having to wait in a long line. I’m all for soaking up the magic of Disney, but I want to RUN! Not stand around diddly dawdling.  

I haven’t been following a specific training program as I really like to go by the feel of my body on a given day. I did decide to make today my last “long” run as the 40 degree weather was only making a short appearance. I made myself take it slower today for my 11 miler as i read it’s beneficial for race day. I really am trying to broaden my horizons and learn new ways to become a stronger runner. I’ve incorporated intervals regularly as well as strength training, increased cadence, and now more focus on pace.  


 Here are some of my workouts from this past week: 





I was able to use my new mio link heart rate monitor. It worked perfectly for both weekend runs. Previously, I had been using the garmin chest strap, but have been having issues with dropouts the last couple months. The mio is a wrist strap that seems to be on par with my garmin back in the good old days. 

The hubby and I took our daughter to the mall over the weekend as she enjoys the large play area and interacting with other kiddos. Victoria Secret was having a 30% off sports bras sale, which I’ve been really wanting to try. They’re much more than I’m used to spending on a bra, so I decided to take advanced of the sale. I ran this morning with it and it was heavenly. I was a bit nervous that it would feel binding as it was quite snug, but it was so comfortable. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open for future sales down the road.  

 Going back to our upcoming Florida trip, half marathon aside, I don’t know how to flipping pack for this time of year. The weather seems so finicky in February. Most importantly, I want my two year old to be dressed adequately. I’ll be watching the weather over the next several days and try to pack an assortment without packing our entire closet. Vacation packing gets increasingly more challenging with a toddler, but definitely worth it. We’ve never used a babysitter let alone left our tot behind on a trip. My husband and I are completely in synch and would both struggle too much. The vacation would be anything but relaxing wondering how our baby girl was doing. To each their own, of course.  

 Some yummy foods from this week:   


Thank you for reading. Until next time!


23 thoughts on “Another quick catch up”

  1. I have tried two different Victoria Secret sports bras. Both were not my favorite. I think part of the problem is that I was measured as a larger size than what I really was. I like that it looks like the one you got has a zip front. I just recently went to a bra fitting event at my local running store, Fleet Feet, and bought a New Balance sports bra and Brooks sports bra. I love them both! Just had you stated, it cost more than what I would have liked to have spent, but the feeling of support during a run is priceless! 🙂

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    1. And not having to be a ninja afterward a sweaty workout is a huge plus! If your bra was too big, I’d definitely agree that would greatly impact your impression. I was measured down a size from what I thought and was worried it was a bit too snug… But it was perfect while running. I’ll have to try out brooks and NB though! Thanks for the suggestion.

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  2. Hey lady! Have a wonderful run! I’ll also be running the Princess Half, but didn’t submit proof of time, so by the time my corral starts, you’ll probably be halfway to the Finish Line!

    Wishing you the best of luck and that you and your family enjoy your trip!

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      1. It was fun! The anticipation is insane. There were moments on the course where I loved it and moments when I couldn’t wait for it to be over, but it was overall a really good experience; and crossing that Finish Line felt so good!

        Mickey and Minie Mouse at the end were so cute too!

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      2. I heard that the first few corrals don’t see super long lines because a lot of ppl don’t stop. I’m hoping to get a couple pics but also don’t want to sacrifice time too much. My PR is 1:51, but I’m hoping to just be under 2. We shall see. I don’t run Disney everyday, so I want to enjoy it.


  3. I’ve never spent that much on a sports bra but I’m glad to hear it was so comfortable.

    Since my return to the gym was preceded by back issues, I’ve found sports bras are actually more comfortable than traditional bras and now wear them all the time. Trouble is, the colors are so sporty and not necessarily attractive under normal or dressy attire. So I’m now looking for sports bras that are also sexy. More money, I know, but the comfort factor seems to be well worth the investment.

    Thanks for sharing your Victoria Secret findings. Will have to pay them a visit. 😊

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