It’s Disney week!

We leave for Florida in a couple days, so I guess it’s time to start packing. Now that I have a forecast to work with, I will be tackling that project today or tomorrow. Last time my husband and I went to Disney (several years ago) the weather was horrible. It was cold and rainy. I know this time of year can be hit or miss, but it is looking promising. Regardless, it’ll be warmer than WI so I’m excited.    
This winter has left me feeling very blue despite my best efforts to be happy and appreciative. I haven’t struggled with seasonal depression (undiagnosed) quite like this before. It comes in waves, but crashes fairly hard with little warning and makes zero sense. I’m hoping a family getaway and first Disney race experience is just what I need to snap back to my old self. I despise mopey Jill. I mean, get it together… My life is beautiful and other people have real problems. 

I’ve been keeping up with my workout routine and have began tapering (which is tough)! Last week my long run was 11 miles as I shared and yesterday I ran 9 glorious miles. It was a mere 3 degrees, but it was perfect. The sun was streaming down and Breaking Benjamin was blaring through my headphones. I lost myself in the steady motion of forward and it was very empowering. 


I’ve been keeping up with my strength training and added in some elliptical time. I have to put my Garmin on my ankle to register the strides. Perhaps for my birthday I will ask for a foot pod though I’m not sure it’s necessary. Do any of you guys have the garmin foot pod? I haven’t had any issues with indoor treadmill running as long as I swing my arm. 
I have been regularly using my Mio Link heart rate monitor and it has been flawless thus far. I am relieved as I want to ensure accuracy for my upcoming half! Cannot wait to see my stats for this race… Trying to make sure I force myself to stop for a few character pics. I’m in corral A, so I’ve been told that I should be able to swing through photo ops with little to no time wasted.  

When we return from Florida, I have two weeks until my next race. I’m doing a local 5 mile brewery run for the second time. I am happy to have another race scheduled as I totally buy into the post race blues haha… You work so hard and so long for something and then it’s over! At least I’ll have a pretty medal and comfy t-shirt to remember it by, not to mention numerous pictures, I’m hoping.  

We shall see what else is in store for this year. I’m hoping to do my first trail run and perhaps another half marathon. I’m certain this will be my biggest running year yet. As always, thanks for reading!  

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