Princess Half 2016 Recap

Well, I did it. I completed my first ever Disney race, the Princess Half Marathon. There was a large bump in the road leading up to it though. I seemingly got the flu two days before the race. I’m talking violently vomiting for much of the night. It was unfortunate timing as we had a reservation at Discovery Cove the following day that had already been changed once due to weather, so it could not be rescheduled without a fee. So, off we went to swim with sting rays, feed tropical birds, splash in water and try to get through the day on minimal sleep and an upset stomach. I barely ate the entire day, which was sad because of the unlimited goodies at Discovery Cove. The day before my big race, I couldn’t stomach anything, but tried drinking as much as possible to stay hydrated. All day I prayed for a miraculous recovery.    
I had to be up at 3:15am Sunday to beat traffic on our way to Epcot. Luckily, the morning of, I was just tired – not nauseous! What a relief. I had managed to eat half a slice of lasagna along with a breadstick the night before at Olive Garden, so I got some carbs in me. For preference, I didn’t eat breakfast before the race as I usually run on an empty stomach. Showered, costume on, and toddler dressed, we were out the door. I wore my daughter in the Tula as we walked through the Epcot parking lot to the bag check area. I gave hugs and kisses to my fam and headed for a long portapotty line. After almost 15 min and a jog to corral A, the time I had been training for the last six months had come! The adrenaline was pumping and the fireworks kicked off the race of a lifetime. 


The course was mostly flat with a few hills toward the end (unfortunately haha). It was not crowded at all in corral A. I had space to run my pace without issue. I saw my hubby and daughter in Magic Kingdom, which was a huge boost for me. I had signed him up for running alerts, but also texted him at mile markers. My hubby was adorable, holding two phones up to capture video/pictures. I stopped for five character photos along the course and still managed to run a personal best! (I know later corrals had to wait in lines for pictures, but this was not the case for corral A. I ran up, snapped a pic and high tailed it out of there.). Previously my record had been 1:51:50. I finished in 1:46:37! I had a great time and was so excited to see my hubby and daughter at the finish line. My hubby had a rose for me and my daughter was sweetly asleep against my hubby’s chest, which was very relieving given our early start. 




15 thoughts on “Princess Half 2016 Recap”

  1. You look like you had a great time, in the end!

    An American colleague flew from London to run in the 10km and returned still really excited about seeing all the Disney characters and being in the park – before opening time.

    Fantastic achievement!

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