Point Bock 5 mile: 36:59

I ran the Point Bock Run today and finished with a personal best! I’m not going to lie, it was hard today. It definitely didn’t feel like an easy fast run. It was colder than I liked it to be and having done my half two weeks ago, I think I’m still recovering. I guess every run can’t leave me feeling like the hulk.  

I finished the five mile in 36:59, which couldn’t have been better! I was pleasantly surprised at my time. I really picked it up the last mile by about 20s quicker than the first four. That finish line banner can really light a fire under your butt. That and my sweet toddler, hubby and post race refreshments. 

I got three drink tickets for participating, but only drank one: Cider Boys first pressed. It was delicious. I handed off my other two tickets on the way to the car. You’re welcome, complete strangers!
All in all, it was a great day. I love that I’m a runner. I love participating in these events. It gives me something to work toward each day and gauge progress. I only wish I had become a serious runner earlier on. Something I enjoy so much, I never want to lose. I sure hope to be running throughout my life. It’s such a blessing and is a part of what makes me feel hole. Who knows, maybe my baby will be a runner one day? For now, I’ll happily settle her riding along in the stroller with momma.
The hubby said we could half marathon shop this weekend! I need to hone in on a second one for the year. My birthday is this month. If only everyone understood that money toward race entries were better than cake! I mean, I’d take both! ;). Thank you for reading!


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