Four weeks ’til my next race

I’ve been dealing with some stuff lately that I’m not going to get into. I thought I should write a post to stay consistent, but apologize apologize in advance for the mess.   
I’ve been running regularly, gearing up for my 15k trail run next month. We had a week of amazing weather, but have been brought back to WI’s harsh reality that it’s March so anything is possible. That means I’ve gotten back on the treadmill after a few outdoor runs with my jogging stroller/running buddy. Both are challenging in very different ways. Stroller running adds a pretty intense resistance workout and truly builds strength. Treadmill runs give me the chance to do some HIIT to gain speed. Both gains are important for me and my goals. 


Kettle bells continue to be my go to strength workouts. I enjoy adding a few new moves each week to keep it interesting and also add new challenges. I still love my old trustee moves and work to perfect form.  


I’m turning 27 next week. It doesn’t mean a whole lot to me in all reality, but I have been reflecting the past and forecasting the future. Both are bittersweet for different reasons. Without going off the deep end, life is beautiful, but short. I hope to continue a healthy lifestyle to be around to watch my daughter grow. I want to make memories with my loved ones and worry a little less. I want to keep running and achieve new goals. I want most to be the best mother and a loving wife. Thank you for reading. 



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