Foot pain

Today’s post will be short. I have been having some pain in my
foot for the last week. Whenever I put pressure on the ball of my left foot, I feel shooting pain into my toes. I have an MRI set for Monday. The doctor is thinking stress fracture or neuroma. She wants the MRI for a definitive answer as my symptoms are not clear cut one way or the other. Any personal experiences on either as a runner would be appreciated. Hoping I can write a post next week telling you all it was a fluke and I’m healed. But for now, no running. Maybe I’ll just try to get buff… I kid, I love running so much. It’s my zen. It’s my moment to sort out the crap inside my head. From now until the day I can run again, good luck everybody. I’m going to try to be optimistic until I know more… Thanks for reading.


13 thoughts on “Foot pain”

  1. I had something similar awhile back. Almost all of the time the pain was while running, though sometimes it would hit while wearing other shoes. It turned out to be my running shoes. I had the Mizuno WaveRiders and LOVED them, but when I ran in them after my third pregnancy, they just weren’t the same. I also think the size may have no longer been correct. Once I was in better shoes all my foot pain cleared up within a week. How many miles do you have on your shoes? When was the last time you were fitted for running shoes? What about shoes you wear regularly (day shoes can cause foot problems too!)


    1. I was fitted several years ago into Brooks Ravenna. I was also fitted for a custom insole due to high arches. I change my shoes regularly based on mileage. I had been running the last few months with no insoles bz I haven’t gotten back to that running store as it is out of state. Leading up to the pain, I had run a fast treadmill interval workout. I felt fine during and after. Later that night I had been walking barefoot and the pain struck hard. That night and the next day I couldn’t put ANY weight on it. The pain is in the ball of my foot and shoots to my toes. It’s been better than the first two days, but the pain still lingers. MRI can’t come soon enough. I need to know my running fate. I have a trail run in about 3 weeks and a HM in June… And another in August. I will be HEART BROKEN if I’m advised to not run them. 😦


  2. Owie! I don’t really have any tips except ice and an ACE bandage and rest. That’s what I did whenever my foot or ankle hurt in my ice skating days. Crutches too. My grandma used to make this herb cream, I think it had rosemary in it to help increase blood flow, not sure what else she put in it, but rubbing that on twice a day helped too. If it hurts, stop, or modify the movement so it doesn’t hurt. And ruling out shoes as a culprit is also a good idea.

    Also, don’t know how much stretching/yoga you do, but what I thought was a big problem for my knee turned out to be muscle tightness that went away after a week of all yoga workouts.

    Hopefully you get some answers from the MRI!

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  3. Good luck with your recovery! Have my fingers crossed for you! Try to think of any result on the MRI as a positive as at least it will be known what to fix πŸ™‚

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  4. I tried minimalist running a few years ago. I was way too keen and not smart. I jumped right into it and after the first week ended up with a stress fracture in my left foot. It sucked! I was off running hot a couple of months and was pretty miserable. I feel your painπŸ˜• fully healed now and running a lot again! A bright future ahead for you!!πŸ˜†πŸ‘

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