Results are in…

I got the call yesterday afternoon.  I have two stress fractures in my left foot.  I will be in the boot for 4-6 weeks and have to do PT for a few weeks.  I have to miss my 15k trail run and likely my June HM.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t devastated.  I had such big plans for this year and now it feels like I’ve been defeated.  Running makes me a better person in many ways.  I’m more patient, relaxed, level headed and happy when I’ve run.  I like myself more after a run as silly as that sounds.  I know this is temporary, but I’m one to need extra time to adjust to any change.  For me, this is a really big one.  In a few days, I’m hoping to have my go get ’em pants on.  I can still do upper body strength training, so there’s that.  I am just most upset about missing the M2 challenge.  I know in the grand scheme of things, this is minuscule.  Things could be SO MUCH worse.  Thanks for reading, friends. 



16 thoughts on “Results are in…”

  1. Sorry to hear about the injury! I hope you recover soon – and I know what you mean about feeling better after a run lol, I’m the same! I am hoping for a speedy recovery for you 💪🏼

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