Hanging in there

I’m still hanging in there.  My foot has been more painful today and I’m sure that’s because I’ve been walking around a bit too much.  The problem with sitting around too much is that my foot/leg fall asleep and it’s just horrendous. I need to find a good balance. I need my foot to HEAL.

I’ve been lifting consistently and incorporating other strengthening exercises to the mix.  My doctor had said I could use a recumbent bike, no elliptical, but to ensure zero resistance.  I don’t have a bike, but hubby bought us one today!  I am very blessed that he supports my passion, especially through this rough patch.  I know he wants me back to running nearly as much as I want it.  That’s love.  

The recumbent bike may be here as early as next week!  I will obviously not touch it if my foot is still painful as it is today.  The clinic called today and scheduled my first physical therapy appointment for the end of April.  It will be an hour long evaluation to determine an appropriate treatment plan that could be twice weekly.  I just want it to help get me where I need to be.  I am happy to go through whatever motions necessary to get me running again.  I am fearful it won’t heal and that my body/mind will forget the strength I had to run long distances.   

my new bff
 Next weekend would have been my first trail run.  I get emotional thinking about it.  I cannot get a refund or defer, so do I get my shirt/bin anyway since I paid for it?  Would that be bad juju or a reminder of strength to sit this one out?  I’m so sad to miss it, but running is not an option. 

 I really need to nail my nutrition while I’m out of the running game.  Fitness/wellness is soooo mental for me.  If I’m treating my body well, I’m golden.  I feel confident, happier and just what I want to feel.  I have been tracking in mfp, but have been too lax and going over most days.  Today I didn’t, so small victory.  I can’t lose my progress.  I don’t ever want to start over.  Future me would be PISSED.   

Oh, also I dyed my hair!  Thanks for reading, guys!  



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