The 15k that got away…

Feels wrong to be setting an alarm to go pick up a shirt/bib for a race I’m not running.  I paid for it, so figure that I might as well.  I’m just sad and mopey and I know that I’ll look back on this and make fun of myself.  It’s a race… It’s two stress fractures… Get over it, present Jill.  Future Jill has big plans.  Ugh… Just hope I get to accomplish some races this summer.

I go for my PT eval in two weeks and also have my follow up with my dr shortly after.  Cross fingers and toes that I can run a half in June even though my dr already essentially advised against it.  I really want the M2 challenge.

Anyway, I really didn’t foresee this blog getting so mopey.  I apologize for that.  For most of everyday, I am happy and recognize my blessings.  I have a sweet hubby and beautiful two year old who fill my heart heaping full of love and happiness.  We’ve been blowing lots of bubbles, drawing with lots of chalk and watching Home too many times to count.  Life is beautiful, even when I can’t run.


5 thoughts on “The 15k that got away…”

  1. Stress fractures suck! You’ll come back from this! I’ve had them in both feet–see if they can give you the shoe (maybe not right away, but eventually). It’s easier to take on and off than the boot in the middle of the night.

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  2. I understand the insanity of waking up to alarm to go run miles and miles and pick up bib/packet. Hope you feel better and back to running again soon. Sorry about the race that got away, but definitely more to make up for that. Happy running.


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