Gradual weaning out of this dang boot…

I had my four week follow up with my doctor.  I’m still a bit tender, so no running yet for at least two weeks.  I can gradually start weaning out of my boot and should be completely into tennis shoes by the two week marker.  I can’t walk barefoot for like six months and am guessing not even sandals.  I guess I’ll save money on a pedicure. I had my PT eval on Monday and it went well.  I was sent home with a strengthening band and exercises two complete twice daily.  I will also be getting custom in soles in two weeks.  

I’m emotional because it’s already been over a month with no running.  I’m likely unable to complete my June HM, but will hopefully be raring to go in August.  I plan to start using my recumbent bike as well as continue weight lifting.

Nothing too exciting, but there you have it folks.  Hoping to heal this dang foot and hit the pavement… I fear my body has forgotten how to run long distance…  Thanks for reading.


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