Stress fractures… Ugh

I had my second ever PT appt for my double stress fractures in my left foot today.  (My first was last week and next is this Thursday).  For the next month, I will be going twice weekly.  The therapist added some weight bearing exercises, which caused mild discomfort.  When I left, I wasn’t really in pain.  Now it hurts more… I’m so scared I’m taking a step backward.  I could just cry.  This is such an emotional thing for me.  I’ve been out of running for over five weeks.  I know to most, that’s nothing, but to me it’s everything.  If I feel this way after one weight bearing appointment, how am I going to feel after another the same week?  My doc said 4/10 discomfort was normal for a healing stress fracture as they take a year to fully heal, but where’s the line?  I can’t go backwards… I’m just emotional tonight and could use some reassurance.  Thanks for reading.  


8 thoughts on “Stress fractures… Ugh”

  1. You have to try to trust they are doing the right thing. I was out of commission for a very long time due to a foot injury and it was miserable. However, when I first went to the doctor to have it looked at I just didn’t trust his opinion. So I went to someone else, got a different PT and they got me on the right path. Injuries suck and mentally will drain you.
    Think of it as lifting weights. If you haven’t done that in a long time your muscles will be sore and tired after the first time. So will your foot. It needs to get used to the weight again, it will get irritated and swell slightly which will cause discomfort but in the long run…you will get better and be back to running!!! 🙂

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  2. No panic. Bones heal. A little discomfort is normal and natural. All will be good. I’ve broken a few things over the years. Generally, bones heal back stronger than the ones you haven’t broken yet 😉

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