Verdict is in…

I had my 6 week follow up for my double stress fractures.  I was advised NOT to run the Rock ‘n Sole HM next month as risk for reinjury would be significant.  Instead I was advised to start running +.1 mi everyday, aiming for 1 mile in 10 days and 3 in 30. If all goes well, I will start training for the #madisonminimarathon that’s in August.  I will begin Friday as I get my custom insoles that day.  In addition to the painfully slow build up to running, I’ll be doing PT the remainder of this month twice per week, lifting and other low impact cardio.  I am disappointed that this happened, but am proud of the gains I’ve made physically and mentally during this recovery period.  I’m stronger, able follow healthier food choices and mentally more relaxed.  Running is something I love, but always in the back of my mind something I had to do in order to not lose progress.  Will I be slower and less in shape when I hit the pavement?  Definitely.  Have I gained all the weight back and forgot how to run?  NO.  Thanks for reading!  🙂


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