I’ll keep this short because I don’t want to jinx myself, but I started running again.  Three days with a day break for cushion as I’m still leery.  I ran slow and very short distances.  The first day I ran .5 miles (I know – I know… Should have went less, but I’m dying, guys.) and walked .5 x2.  The next day I ran .2, walked .2 until I hit 2.4 miles.  Then rest day.  Today I ran .2, walked .2 to 2.0 miles.  Guys, NO PAIN.  Mild fear, yes – but I did everything to push it out of my mind… I went slow, but I am feeling optimistic.  Now here is where I need you.  I am signed up for a HM in end of August (8/20/16).  I’ve looked up some 8 week HM programs, but would like some insight from you all.. Bonus for those who have recovered from a stress fracture themselves.  When can I start adding distance?  I only have 9 weeks until race day.  My PB HM was 1:46.  I obviously don’t care about getting near that.  I just want to run the whole thing and feel strong at the end.  Thoughts on these training plans below?  I really want to get going, but don’t want to push it.  Time is ticking!


5 thoughts on “GUYS!”

    1. I never ever follow a plan, but I feel I need to do something so I actually don’t over do it. I’m missing my HM this weekend. I’m really, really hoping to do the one in August.


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