HM training

I’ve slowly been creeping up mileage.  I’m not worried about speed for my upcoming race given my recent injury.  I’m up to a 10k! I ran today in 83 degree weather with crazy humidity.  Thank goodness for my camelbak pack.  It helped me through.  My foot felt fine, but my body feels out of shape.  I had been watching nutrition and doing weight lifting/biking while out of commission, but man – still so out of shape.  Hard breathing, high heart rate, and SWEAT!  I just remind myself I started somewhere in the past and progressed from there.  Just have to keep going.  Since my injury and being out over 3 months, I’m being very diligent to utilize rest days/cross training days.  Old me felt guilty for not running practically daily.  Old me always wanted to go faster/further than the previous.  I wasn’t always hard on myself, but that last HIIT I did on the treadmill with bouts of 9mph was too much.  I’m appreciating the ability to run again.  It truly is a luxury… I’m willing to work for it.  Thanks for reading!  Weight lifting tomorrow! šŸ™‚ 


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