Run from the Cops 5k

I know it’s been a long time.  I’ve had a major hiccup in my racing plans due to my stress fractures.  I’ve been running regularly pain free, so that’s great.  This was my first official race since the Disney princess half marathon back in February.  I know it was only a 5k, but I kicked it’s butt!  Personal record and an ADORABLE trophy for first in my age group.  I was second female overall.  Here are some of pictures from the day.  

My hubby & I

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HM training

I’ve slowly been creeping up mileage.  I’m not worried about speed for my upcoming race given my recent injury.  I’m up to a 10k! I ran today in 83 degree weather with crazy humidity.  Thank goodness for my camelbak pack.  It helped me through.  My foot felt fine, but my body feels out of shape.  I had been watching nutrition and doing weight lifting/biking while out of commission, but man – still so out of shape.  Hard breathing, high heart rate, and SWEAT!  I just remind myself I started somewhere in the past and progressed from there.  Just have to keep going.  Since my injury and being out over 3 months, I’m being very diligent to utilize rest days/cross training days.  Old me felt guilty for not running practically daily.  Old me always wanted to go faster/further than the previous.  I wasn’t always hard on myself, but that last HIIT I did on the treadmill with bouts of 9mph was too much.  I’m appreciating the ability to run again.  It truly is a luxury… I’m willing to work for it.  Thanks for reading!  Weight lifting tomorrow! 🙂 


I don’t want to jinx myself, but look!

  Old me wouldn’t think this was much to be proud of.  It’s not fast, it’s not far… But after three months of recovery, I’m finally easing back into running.  A couple weeks of slowly adding distance, I finally decided to try a 5k.  I didn’t have to stop and walk at any point during this run.  My heart was a poundin’ and I’m definitely out of shape, but ZERO pain.  I’m hoping this is my start of HM training.  Send good vibes my way, please.  Thank you for reading.  (Hope you see a lot more posts from me in the coming weeks and months.)


I’ll keep this short because I don’t want to jinx myself, but I started running again.  Three days with a day break for cushion as I’m still leery.  I ran slow and very short distances.  The first day I ran .5 miles (I know – I know… Should have went less, but I’m dying, guys.) and walked .5 x2.  The next day I ran .2, walked .2 until I hit 2.4 miles.  Then rest day.  Today I ran .2, walked .2 to 2.0 miles.  Guys, NO PAIN.  Mild fear, yes – but I did everything to push it out of my mind… I went slow, but I am feeling optimistic.  Now here is where I need you.  I am signed up for a HM in end of August (8/20/16).  I’ve looked up some 8 week HM programs, but would like some insight from you all.. Bonus for those who have recovered from a stress fracture themselves.  When can I start adding distance?  I only have 9 weeks until race day.  My PB HM was 1:46.  I obviously don’t care about getting near that.  I just want to run the whole thing and feel strong at the end.  Thoughts on these training plans below?  I really want to get going, but don’t want to push it.  Time is ticking!

Bad day/not a bad life

I don’t know what I necessarily do or don’t believe in, but I could use some positive prayers/thoughts/vibes/juju. I haven’t ran since March and it’s really affecting me.. Particularly beyond any physical discomfort I feel. I’m not this sad person.. This just isn’t me. This injury is getting inside my head and taking over. 😦

Verdict is in…

I had my 6 week follow up for my double stress fractures.  I was advised NOT to run the Rock ‘n Sole HM next month as risk for reinjury would be significant.  Instead I was advised to start running +.1 mi everyday, aiming for 1 mile in 10 days and 3 in 30. If all goes well, I will start training for the #madisonminimarathon that’s in August.  I will begin Friday as I get my custom insoles that day.  In addition to the painfully slow build up to running, I’ll be doing PT the remainder of this month twice per week, lifting and other low impact cardio.  I am disappointed that this happened, but am proud of the gains I’ve made physically and mentally during this recovery period.  I’m stronger, able follow healthier food choices and mentally more relaxed.  Running is something I love, but always in the back of my mind something I had to do in order to not lose progress.  Will I be slower and less in shape when I hit the pavement?  Definitely.  Have I gained all the weight back and forgot how to run?  NO.  Thanks for reading!  ðŸ™‚

Stress fractures… Ugh

I had my second ever PT appt for my double stress fractures in my left foot today.  (My first was last week and next is this Thursday).  For the next month, I will be going twice weekly.  The therapist added some weight bearing exercises, which caused mild discomfort.  When I left, I wasn’t really in pain.  Now it hurts more… I’m so scared I’m taking a step backward.  I could just cry.  This is such an emotional thing for me.  I’ve been out of running for over five weeks.  I know to most, that’s nothing, but to me it’s everything.  If I feel this way after one weight bearing appointment, how am I going to feel after another the same week?  My doc said 4/10 discomfort was normal for a healing stress fracture as they take a year to fully heal, but where’s the line?  I can’t go backwards… I’m just emotional tonight and could use some reassurance.  Thanks for reading.  

Gradual weaning out of this dang boot…

I had my four week follow up with my doctor.  I’m still a bit tender, so no running yet for at least two weeks.  I can gradually start weaning out of my boot and should be completely into tennis shoes by the two week marker.  I can’t walk barefoot for like six months and am guessing not even sandals.  I guess I’ll save money on a pedicure. I had my PT eval on Monday and it went well.  I was sent home with a strengthening band and exercises two complete twice daily.  I will also be getting custom in soles in two weeks.  

I’m emotional because it’s already been over a month with no running.  I’m likely unable to complete my June HM, but will hopefully be raring to go in August.  I plan to start using my recumbent bike as well as continue weight lifting.

Nothing too exciting, but there you have it folks.  Hoping to heal this dang foot and hit the pavement… I fear my body has forgotten how to run long distance…  Thanks for reading.

The 15k that got away…

Feels wrong to be setting an alarm to go pick up a shirt/bib for a race I’m not running.  I paid for it, so figure that I might as well.  I’m just sad and mopey and I know that I’ll look back on this and make fun of myself.  It’s a race… It’s two stress fractures… Get over it, present Jill.  Future Jill has big plans.  Ugh… Just hope I get to accomplish some races this summer.

I go for my PT eval in two weeks and also have my follow up with my dr shortly after.  Cross fingers and toes that I can run a half in June even though my dr already essentially advised against it.  I really want the M2 challenge.

Anyway, I really didn’t foresee this blog getting so mopey.  I apologize for that.  For most of everyday, I am happy and recognize my blessings.  I have a sweet hubby and beautiful two year old who fill my heart heaping full of love and happiness.  We’ve been blowing lots of bubbles, drawing with lots of chalk and watching Home too many times to count.  Life is beautiful, even when I can’t run.

Hanging in there

I’m still hanging in there.  My foot has been more painful today and I’m sure that’s because I’ve been walking around a bit too much.  The problem with sitting around too much is that my foot/leg fall asleep and it’s just horrendous. I need to find a good balance. I need my foot to HEAL.

I’ve been lifting consistently and incorporating other strengthening exercises to the mix.  My doctor had said I could use a recumbent bike, no elliptical, but to ensure zero resistance.  I don’t have a bike, but hubby bought us one today!  I am very blessed that he supports my passion, especially through this rough patch.  I know he wants me back to running nearly as much as I want it.  That’s love.  

The recumbent bike may be here as early as next week!  I will obviously not touch it if my foot is still painful as it is today.  The clinic called today and scheduled my first physical therapy appointment for the end of April.  It will be an hour long evaluation to determine an appropriate treatment plan that could be twice weekly.  I just want it to help get me where I need to be.  I am happy to go through whatever motions necessary to get me running again.  I am fearful it won’t heal and that my body/mind will forget the strength I had to run long distances.   

my new bff
 Next weekend would have been my first trail run.  I get emotional thinking about it.  I cannot get a refund or defer, so do I get my shirt/bin anyway since I paid for it?  Would that be bad juju or a reminder of strength to sit this one out?  I’m so sad to miss it, but running is not an option. 

 I really need to nail my nutrition while I’m out of the running game.  Fitness/wellness is soooo mental for me.  If I’m treating my body well, I’m golden.  I feel confident, happier and just what I want to feel.  I have been tracking in mfp, but have been too lax and going over most days.  Today I didn’t, so small victory.  I can’t lose my progress.  I don’t ever want to start over.  Future me would be PISSED.   

Oh, also I dyed my hair!  Thanks for reading, guys!